Afrebay Ambassador

The Afrebay Ambassadors have the unique chance of being a part of the Afrebay success story by enrolling and empowering businesses through global trade and export, thereby promoting economic growth in their communities, with a commensurate increase in the people’s standard of living.

An Afrebay Ambassador derives the following advantages:

  • Earn initial and renewal commission.
  • Earn active income by promoting authorized products made available by the business entities on the platform by following approved procedures.
  • Have access to training programs offered by business entities on the platform.
  • Have access to local and international networking opportunities with other AAs.
  • Be exposed to opportunity for full/part-time employment with Afrebay or its affiliates.
  • Explore the opportunity to attend exclusive local/international meetings and related programs.

An AA has the opportunity to enroll local sellers, small/medium enterprises, corporations, farmers, professional organizations (chartered/certified public accountants, lawyers/attorneys, medical doctors etc), financial institutions (banks, insurance and pension fund companies), non-profit (NGO), faith-based organizations, city/county/state/federal agencies onto the Afrebay platform.

The annual cost to setup and/or maintain AA profile is $25 per year. Please COMPLETE THE RSVP FORM to sign up for the selection process.


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